14 Times People Tried To Be Smart Online But Got Roasted Instead


Always do your research.

I feel like this is a given granted we always have google in our pockets. Especially if you are trying to seem smart on the internet, it is better to think before you post anything. However, it seems some people don’t care how dumb they sound and how it will always be on the Internet.

And we all know how people are always ready to clap back when they see a moron heading their way. it’s the same way when you post something on Facebook or the like. You might have spent years posting meaningful quotes and had never gotten any attention. But after just one drunken night of facebook use and you are suddenly viral.

You can see what I am talking about by scrolling below.

#1 Who cares what happens to the guy if you get a few likes out of it.

#2 He isn’t technically wrong, he doesn’t want a table.


#3 Please tell me that people didn’t actually believe this?


#4 Okay, I am definitely using this next time a creepy guy messages me.


#5 This is why you read something carefully before posting it to fit your narrative.


#6 Did this person read what they wrote?


#7 I think my head is starting to hurt now.


#8 And this person just inadvertently outed themselves.


#9 I sure hope he is joking. Otherwise, I’ve lost my faith in humanity.


I have seen a lot of similar posts on Facebook and loads of people joke. SO I really hope he is just trolling and didn’t actually think this is true.

#10 I can’t understand the thought process of this person.


#11 Anything will disappear if people with the sickness are ‘gone’.

#12 Guess he didn’t take a good look at the flag.


#13 I really hope she doesn’t.

#14 I don’t think the other person is in the wrong here.

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