21 Naughty Children Whose Parents Can Never Rest


Children are full of surprises and you never know what surprises children will bring. The way they think and how they see the world can be surprising, funny and even scary. You never know. Internet is full of stories about the things their kids do. These stories are funny and weird. So here at Defused we have compiled some of the best 22 photographs of children who do strange things and the surprising thing their parents don’t even know what to do about it. Keep on scrolling make sure you watch it till the end otherwise you are gonna miss a lot of fun.

1. This man’s daughter has never seen a horror movie she looked in the sink and said ” Hey George” terrified, he looked down and saw George, the friend of Peppa Pig

Image Credit: © BornToBriWild / twitter

2. “So my brother and I were playing hide and seek at JCPenny, and I really could not find this kid until I heard a little sneeze from inside a box and…”


Image Credit: © Manuelb_132 / twitter

3. Never break a sleeping schedule even if you end up like this


Image Credit: © djjrambo / twitter

4. This man’s daughter is staring right in the eyes of Mike the tiger


Image Credit: © pacman1820 / reddit

5. This kid wanted to be a mailbox for Halloween, he’s on the right well the UPS drop box is real


Image Credit: © MoobyTheGoldenCalf© MoobyTheGoldenCalf

6. The picture explains it all


Image Credit: © MightyMaddie / reddit

7. Have you ever seen someone playing like this?


Image Credit: © DeLoreanMotorCars / reddit

8. “As a kid, I had my priorities straight.”


Image Credit: © serenity87 / imgur

9. This kid was told to put his clothes away and this is what he did instead


Image Credit: © AnotherSmegHead / reddit

10. This kid steal his brother’s laptop whenever he is sleeping and manage to login somehow and he takes pictures on the webcam


Image Credit: © margarethop / imgur

11. This kid hid behind a bookshelf and feel asleep during the lecture in a class

Image Credit: © tcp13 / reddit

12. This kid is not okay with going back to school, by the way why does kid do this lie on a floor?


Image Credit: © agitator / reddit

13. “30+ years of research shows that if you give a kid Nintendo, he will give his little sister an unplugged controller.”

Image Credit: © CoolHandRK / imgur

14. This man’s friend had a portrait taken with a vacuum cleaner when he was a child


Image Credit: © unknown author / imgur

15. This is what kid does to your dog

Image Credit: © 1_small_step / reddit

16.”My 2-year-old figured out how to go cross-eyed and now does it in every picture.”


Image Credit: © levine2112 / reddit

17. This kid wanted to be a fart for Halloween

Image Credit: © ToddMinus / imgur

18. This 8 year old girl decided to draw her older sister


Image Credit: © neatdude / imgur

19. This kid makes chain mail, wears it, and refuses to take it off when asked by teachers,

Image Credit: © unknown author / imgur

20. This kid is not happy about her new sibling and her mother is about to deliver her second child


Image Credit: © MateenStewartComedy / imgur

21. “My sister made paintings for each of my siblings. Here’s mine:”

Image Credit: © Cadbanshee98 / reddit

We are sure that these children parents can never rest. Let us know what do you think about this post in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share it. Stay tuned with Defused for more fun content.

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