30 Cringey Posts From Crazy Moms From The Parenting Groups


Wake up sheeple!

That is the thing that many parents are screaming about nowadays. It seems like many mothers think the government is a hoax and that they want all the children sick or controlled or something else totally weird and crazy. While I have always believed that insulting someone just because they don’t share the same opinion as you isn’t good. These mothers take it a bit too far and put their child’s life in danger.

And this new virus and the lockdown has only exasperated that issue. I don’t understand how these mothers think essential oils are suddenly going to cure their child of every illness. Don’t get me wrong, I love essential oils myself but because they smell good and calming not because I think my cold will go away if I drink it!

But these people go on tirades without an ounce of research backing them. That is why today we have compiled some of the best and craziest posts that will make you question everything.

Source: Reddit

#1 This might surprise you but humans babies and puppies are not eh same. Weird right?


#2 If these sorts of parents decided what is safe for their children, most of them would be in graves already.



#3 This ‘Mama Bear’ does know kids can asymptomatic carriers right?



#4 And she has even gone back to work to potentially spread it to her co-workers as well?



#5 I know wearing a mask isn’t ideal but it is better than getting sick.



#6 They. just. wanted. ice-cream.



#7 How is oil supposed to cure OCD? I think I have become dumber by reading this.



#8 Isn’t she going to elaborate on her problems that supposedly don’t allow wearing masks?



The only ‘problem’ I can think of is Asthama but even then some of my family members deal with extreme asthma and are totally fine wearing masks, no breathing problems at all.

#9 Doctors know a little something about veins and blood flow so a rubber arm is not going to fool them.



#10 The tale as old as time that is not based on any sort of truth.



#11 I am honestly worried about her daughter’s mental health after reading this.

#12 What is so wrong with learning to use Arabic numerals?



#13 So are schools supposed to provide a single teacher for every individual student then?


#14 What is more important? Your kid’s health or you not having to deal with them?



#15 Apparently having long hair as a boy now means they are non-binary? I can’t understand their logic.

#16 I am embarrassed to admit that I can relate to this. It can be quite tiring.



#17 It is as if everyone has their own problems to deal with and nobody cares.

#18 Okay, that looks very serious and I sure hope she brought him to the hospital.



#19 But why? It doesn’t come from the fountain of youth.

#20 It isn’t about love and never was.



#21 It seems like you need to talk to him openly about all your issues if he isn’t being there for you.

#22 If you can’t find any research papers then that means there is no evidence.



#23 And of course not wearing a mask and eating junk food is the same thing. Makes total sense.

#24 I think I’ve had enough stupidity for the day.



#25 The post seems harmless enough until the last comment.

#26 Stop calling it an ‘opinion’ when it’s just stupidity.



#27 So what she is saying is schools don’t want the third eye to open?

#28 Is this mother really hating on an 8-year-old?

#29 I think I might hurl if I think about this too long.



#30 What is stopping them from praying? Is being in a group necessary?

Have any other things that you have read within parenting groups? Comment down below and let us know.

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