30 New Comics By A Medical Student Who Once Hesitated To Make Comics, But Now Has Over 100K Followers


At the beginning of 2019, a medical student with dreams of becoming a cardiologist submitted her comics to Bored Panda. “I’ve wanted to draw comics for a while now but never really had the guts to, up until recently,” Amy Revives wrote then.

Fast forward nearly two years, and the project now has nearly 100K followers on Instagram.

Step by step, Amy has not only developed her own visual style, but she has become an efficient storyteller as well. Focusing on quirky characters and their interactions, she constantly comes up with new ways to look at life and everything it has to offer. Whether it’s following recipes in the kitchen or trying to wear a summer dress on a windy day, continue scrolling and check out what Amy has been up to!

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Through medicine, Amy has learned that while the physical body is very important to one’s well-being, their mental health is vital to a good life as well. The student said that she may not be able to help someone with the physical aspect for now, but she hopes that her comics can help their mental side. “Laughter and smiling flood the body and brain with happy chemicals and overall lift your mood, make you feel more energized and reduce stress. Through my comics, I hope to be able to bring a beautiful wide grin to your face and, at least momentarily, let you forget about your worries.”

Amy has always loved doing art in her free time. “I was drawing before I knew how to walk, and probably even talk — though they probably didn’t look like much at the time.”

When she was 12, Amy got her very first drawing tablet. The immediate excitement had her bouncing off the walls with pure pleasure. “I spent countless late nights practicing and getting to know the digital world of art. I explored realism as well as abstract but found that I was most happy making comics about daily life,” she said.



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