“Bad Management Usually Causes That”: Mcdonald’s Manager Arrives At 4AM For Breakfast Shift, Other Employees Pull A “No Call, No Show”


The majority of us probably have an idea of what it’s like to be employed at a company that doesn’t practice a righteous environment: berating higher-ups, inevitable burnout, and two-faced colleagues who are ready to throw you under the bus if given a chance – it all should sound pretty familiar.

Thankfully, nowadays, people are not afraid to be vocal about issues that hinder their comfort.  There are a million and one ways to attract attention to unethical employers, with social media being one of the most effective ones; however, sometimes it’s not all about those toxic higher-ups.

Running a place is an incredibly challenging job, especially if you work at an organization that is known for its immoral values – and oh boy, does this manager have a story to tell.

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Managing a place is never easy – let alone when you experience a collective no call, no show

Image credits: Marc Veraart

A McDonald’s manager took to TikTok to rant about how he was forced to operate alone, with some occasional help from a maintenance worker, as staff failed to show up to their 4 a.m. shift. The video has managed to receive 1.8M views as well as 11.6K comments debating whether his management style is to blame.

Now-viral TikTok video shows McDonald’s manager venting about working alone after employees failed to show up

Image credits: @ragestreamer93

Image credits: @ragestreamer93

The viral TikTok lasts about 2 minutes, and for the whole duration of the video, you could witness the manager rushing around the store, boiling over his absent employees, and venting about how he expected his staff to get to the restaurant at 4 a.m. – yet, no one showed up or called.

He got to the place at 3-something to get an early start to the day, to get things ready, do his food safety check, and prepare the system for the grand opening because he was responsible for the shift.

The man had an opening shift and expected a couple of employees, but no one turned up except for the maintenance guy

Image credits: @ragestreamer93

The only person that showed up on time was the maintenance worker, who ended up helping the man cook the breakfast.

When 5 o’clock rolled around, another employee was expected to jump on duty, but yet again, it was a no-show. At 6:15, another set of employees were supposed to arrive, but no one came. The guy then went on to rant about how he hoped that the storeowner wouldn’t come in because he didn’t want to get berated for this outrage.

He then said that he would write every staff member up for not coming in because “it’s ridiculous”

Image credits: @ragestreamer93

The man also added that he plans on asking his general manager about the whole writing-people-up process, as he’s not familiar with it.

He had to do everything himself and, naturally, he’s not pumped about it. He also mentioned that on the days he comes to help, there are employees, but when he needs help, suddenly no one shows up.

The manager then apologized for cursing while in uniform – however, he was seemingly infuriated and said that anybody would agree with him on this.

The manager later made another video replying to a comment that suggested that this was all because of “bad management”

Image credits: @ragestreamer93

Image credits: @ragestreamer93

After the TikTok garnered some attention and attracted a couple of commenters, the man decided to upload a second video, replying to a comment that remarked on how there were no customers present during the entire rant, which allegedly indicated that there was something wrong with management and its approach.

The TikToker said that this doesn’t make sense, as every week, his general manager prints off reviews of the store that are accessible to everybody – plus, the majority of customers see the same employees every day and “give them compliments.”

Image credits: @ragestreamer93

Also, if you google the store location, it has 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google reviews, so the guy doesn’t understand how it can be management’s fault.

He acknowledges that there’re certain companies who are lacking in the work culture department; however, he assured the viewers that it’s not the case for this particular restaurant. He said that they give their workers reasonable hours and reasonable pay, so if anybody’s to blame, it’s the employees.

The man finally added that some folks don’t want to eat at McDonald’s every morning, some prepare their own food or they’re not even awake yet; so just because there were no customers around, this doesn’t mean that it’s management’s fault.

TikTok users shared their thoughts concerning the situation

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