Sofia Vergara Jeans Size Chart Full Guide

sofia vergara jeans size chart

In this article we will give you the details of Sofia Vergara jeans size chart and who is Sofia Vergara.

Who is Sofia Vergara?

Sofa Vergara, a Colombian-American actress who was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, on July 10, 1972, is arguably best known for her work in the television series Modern Family (2009–20).

At age 17, Vergara’s unexpected encounter with a photographer on a Colombian beach caused her to forsake her intentions to become a doctor and seek a career in modeling. Additionally, she hosted television programs in Colombia until 1998, when her brother was murdered and her family moved to Miami. She also began obtaining tiny roles in American films and television shows. She was one of the four main characters in the 2003 romantic comedy Chasing Papi, but the subsequent parts she secured capitalized solely on her appearance.

Sofia Vergara Jeans Size Chart

Sofia Vergara Jeans Size Chart
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